Why I’m going to dress up to stay home

Imagine your closet. Do you have those items inside that just make you so happy? Either because they’re so cozy comfortable, or because you look AMAZING in them?

Now, I want you to think of those items that you LOVE, but you never wear, and ask yourself why you never wear them.

I’ve been decluttering my home, using the basic idea of that Japanese method where you hold each item and see how they make you feel. As I did this with my clothes, I found things that truly brought me joy, but for whatever reason I wasn’t wearing them. So much of my wardrobe wasn’t being utilized.

I don’t know what your reasons are if you also don’t take advantage of your entire closet, but my reason was simple: I wasn’t dressing up to stay home.

I’m a stay at home mom, and that means I’m not usually wearing my nicer blouses. Even going to church I often opt for something I don’t mind getting dirty. Kids make me less confidant about wearing nicer clothes.

But I had an epiphany the other day. I would much rather wear those clothes and get spit up or ketchup fingerprints on them than never wear them at all.

Why was I depriving myself of wearing clothes that I felt AMAZING in simply because of this arbitrary idea of what clothes are for “going out” and which are for “staying in.”

So I decided I would dress up to stay in. I would wear ALL those clothes that I love. My comfy and soft cashmere shawl, my stunning black lace top, my Vera Wang blouse… because you know what? I DESERVE to dress up. I DESERVE to feel beautiful. I DESERVE the confidence wearing clothes I LOVE gives me.

Sure I have smears of dried yogurt on my lace top right now, but it brushes off just fine, and a wash will make it brand new again.

And you know what I’ve found? Most of the nice clothes I truly love are also really functional. I can still do everything I do everyday as a mom, but now I’m doing it in style!

I’m always looking for new ways to improve body image, and I’ve noticed a big difference with this small change already. The subtle message that I’m worthy of dressing nice has helped me feel a kind of confidence I’m not used to feeling. The kind where you truly believe you are beautiful.

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