What is your experience with mental health?

I was diagnosed with anxiety and depressed mood when I was about 14 years old. I’ve been in and out of therapy and on various medications since then. As an adult I was diagnosed with PTSD and bipolar II. Additionally I’ve had post partum illnesses including depression, anxiety, and OCD. 


When did you start writing?

I’ve been writing for longer than I can remember. I started with poetry and eventually started writing novels. As an adult I found creative nonfiction and it became my favorite genre. Now I write personal essays, flash fiction, and novels.


Is The Weight of Gold based on your real life?

Yes and no. I pulled inspiration from my own experiences and turned them into stories I thought many more women could widely relate to. I was also inspired by other women in my life and hope my stories honor them. 


What chronic illnesses do you have?

I have psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, alopecia areata, endometriosis, and probably some other things yet to be discovered. Autoimmune issues often come in multiples. I hope by sharing my experiences I can bring hope to other sufferers and show them they aren’t alone. 


What does For the Latin “Coeur” mean? 

Years ago my father showed me Brene Brown’s TED talk on vulnerability. That talk changed my life. In her TED talk, Brown explores the etymology of the word “courage.” The root of courage, “coeur,” means heart. Courage literally translates to: “to tell the whole story of your heart.” This is what it means to be vulnerable. That day I vowed to be vulnerable, and my blog became a way for me to do that. I have since become a big fan of Brown’s work and highly recommend her books. 


Are you over sharing?

It’s a hard balance between courage and over sharing when you’re trying to be vulnerable. I am not perfect at it, but I try to only share the things I feel others will connect to. My purpose in sharing is to connect with other people in their walks of life because of some experience we relate to. If it won’t create connection, I don’t share it.