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Rose has just buried her sister, and now she must raise her sister’s children who were left behind while she grieves. Lillian flees an abusive marriage through a fierce snowstorm, her sleeping infant in the back seat, unaware there is a name for the pain in her mind. Eleanor questions everything she thought she wanted as she goes into labor too soon, introducing to her life new mental hardships. All three women face the unique challenges of motherhood while battling the stigmas of mental illness that accompany their generations, passing on an increasingly more tolerant legacy to their children. Through infertility, losses, addictions, and abuse, each woman finds their own path through motherhood and self-realization, unaware at first of how they’re leaning on the strength of the women that came before them. Inspired by real stories and real women, The Weight of Gold celebrates the progress that has been made in women’s mental health and highlights where there is still need for understanding.

Status: Currently Seeking Agent Representation

MFA Thesis

JS Gariety’s thesis for the MFA program will be a full-length novel intended for publishing

Faeries, scientists, and mythical monsters come together in JS Gariety’s high/urban fantasy blend

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