12 laughs for mom… Funny stories about my little guy

Sometimes when you’re a parent, all you can do is laugh…

1. I was feeding my little man mushed green beans for lunch. I was also wearing a brand new shirt that I had bought just the day before. Can you see where this is going? I put a spoonful of beans in little man’s mouth, and just as he closed his lips around the food… He sneezed. A spray of green mush propelled from his mouth all over my face, glasses, and yes, my new shirt. All I could do was laugh.

2. I was sitting on the couch, not feeling well that day. My little man was crawling around happily playing. I noticed a rogue fishy cracker on the carpet in the middle of the room. The last time he had fishies was the day before. I thought “I should probably vaccumm.” Then he crawled over to the fishy cracker and ate it. I just watched. 

3. My mom and little brother stayed with us over spring break. We only have two bedrooms, so they slept on an air mattress in the little man’s room. One night after they’d gone to bed, they said they heard little man drinking his bottle. Once it went silent they thought he had fallen asleep, until he abruptly yelled out “hi!” And then he went to sleep immediately after. 

4. One time I was enjoying a nice bowl of chocolate pudding. My little man wanted some attention, so I put the bowl down and picked him up. I thought the bowl was out of reach. It wasn’t. He took a fistful of pudding and rubbed it all over his face. He didn’t even eat it. He’s a pretty big fan of the chocolate 5-o-clock shadow look. 

5. My little one will frequently snuggle up to me, put his head down, then blow a great big raspberry on my arm. I think it’s affectionate…?

6. My child was chewing on a shoe. My hubby said, “no, we don’t eat shoes.” Little one looked up, flashed a huge mischievous grin at dad, cheerfully said “ah-ohhh,” then continued to eat the shoe. 

7. My child was crawling around smacking on something. My hubby checked what was in his mouth. It was a piece of potatoe chip. I said, “just put it back in.” He did. 

8. Sometimes my little man likes to put toys in his mouth then crawl around with them hanging out like he’s a dog. I have yet to capture a picture while he’s actually crawling with the toys, but here’s the next best thing:

9. At the pediatrician’s office my little man reached out to his doctor, so dr put him on his lap while he started the examination. Little man then proceeded to climb up the doctor’s torso and over his shoulder. Dr just took the opportunity to listen to his lungs from his back. 

10. My little man had to get blood drawn for a test. While the nurses applied the tourniquet and poked the needle in he just stared at the syringe, wide eyed and fascinated. He only started to cry when we wanted to reach out and grab the syringe and we wouldn’t let him. Then he was very very upset. But as soon as he got his rubber ducky prize he was happy as a clam again. 

11. Whenever little man falls over and looked to us to see how he should react, we don’t react. That way he learned he was ok when he fell over. Now when he uses his play center to stand up and it falls over on top of him, he just lays there and starts playing with the toys directly in front of him, completely unphased. 

12. When little one is tired he likes to kiss daddy’s nose. 

And a bonus:

My little one demonstrating his love of feet in slow motion:

 [wpvideo n2OeSbkB] 

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